Paper 2.0 is graphic studio created by Stefano Alaimo.


Trained as a graphic designer, Stefano specializes in web design and visual communication. He meets all your corporate design needs, including the creation and production of your brand image and corporate identity, the more technical aspects of logo and template design, and printed and/or virtual applications. By bringing together various collaborators including developers, illustrators, photographers, copywriters, and more, the studio offers a complete range of services. Paper 2.0 refers to the limitless pixels on your screen. Unlike real paper, it does not burn and never gets dirty. It can be endlessly corrected and red in the dark, it is ubiquitous and won’t harm any forest. It is the raw material of creativity, for tomorrow and beyond. Since the main aim of communication is self-expression, our priority is to stay on top of the client’s desires and needs.


The studio is active in Paris – France and Berlin – Germany. Our method is very clear and always hinges on in-depth exchanges with the client:


1 / Define the client’s personality: after dialog and analysis, we get a sense of the client’s worldview and values. 2 / Study the client’s cultural, commercial and visual environment and product. 3 / Propose a design package defining the campaign’s main graphical elements (mood, colors, cultural references, peers). 4 / Further research and proposal of a second design package defining a specific range of visual choices (colors, fonts, typology of pictures) 5 / Further research and proposal of final graphical elements (logotype, colors, fonts, examples of layout).


6 / Define the communication products: depending on the demands of the client (print or screen) 7 / Produce the final product: management of prints and/or integration and development of the web site/application. Please contact us at contact[at]

What do you need?

Art direction

You want to improve your brand image and invest in your visual communication?

We guide you in the implementation of a visual identity and its application through a communication strategy.

A logo?

The standard of a brand, its figure, its essence made image is its logo.

We lead you through this complex and exciting work of condensation and synthesis of all the values of a brand: the elaboration of its symbol.

A graphic charter?

Do you have a concept needing to be translated into visual language? We create with you the visual concept and identity from the logo to the whole pallet of visual mediums.

The rules that dictate the graphical aspect of each element are listed in the so-called « graphic charter« 

A Website?

Do you need your own website?

Be it from the conception of the layout to its implementation online, we accompany you through all the graphical and technical aspects of putting a new website online.

Design for the web?

Do you want an online identity of your own? One that reflects your personality and your values?

Thanks to UI design we make the information clear and compelling, always sticking to the visual identity created with the client.


Applying Self Engine Optimization to a site means structuring it in a good way, making it load quicker, its content lighter, and inserting the right combination of words on each page in order to generate traffic, and make it more likely to be visited by other people.


« To illustrate » comes from Latin « illustrare », meaning « to clarify ».

An illustration is any visual element that emphasizes parts of a text or gives concrete examples of it.

Photographies, drawings, paintings, diagrams are illustrations that make the experience of any medium more direct and entertaining.

A flyer? A poster? A leaflet? A business card?...

Do you prefer communicating the good old way, namely on a physical, printed medium?

Be it digitally or by screenprinting, we make flyers, posters, leaflets, business cards, shields,…