Analakely – The Little Forest

Analakely – The Little Forest is a multi-disciplinary art project that took place in Madagascar (from Jan.18th to Feb.12th 2017).
Studio Paper 2.0 has handled project’s global communication including multi langages presentation folders, successfull crowd-funding campaign (4500euros), social networks communication, flyers…

Crowdfunding web page (partial and full page).

Presentation file for the first part of the project (street art performance) and for the second part (indoor exhibition at the Gœthe Institut of Antananarivo). Click on the image to access the .pdf presentation folder.

Presentation of the street art performance “Analakely – La Petite Forêt”
Presentation of the indoor exhibition “Feu de Brousse”

Flyers for the two events.

Front and back side of the invitation card.