Publié: 23 novembre 2016

Conception of the identity, layout for the website of Raumdialog, private service provider and consultant in feng chui.  

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Trebosc + Van Lelyveld

Publié: 30 juin 2016

Integration of an external lay-out onWordpress (CMS managment and CSS). Screenshots from the desktop version of the site. Screenshots from the mobile version of the site.

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59 Rivoli

Publié: 23 avril 2016

Conception of the new identity, website layout and integration to WordPress. Layout for desktop screens. Layout for mobile screens.

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Lunettes Center

Publié: 15 décembre 2015

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Il est une fois

Publié: 28 février 2015

Flyer for The Window, artistic experimentation laboratory in Paris.  

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Maurizio Nobile

Publié: 10 décembre 2014

Conception of the lay-out, site map and front-end programming (hmtl, css, php, jquery) for Maurizio Nobile Gallery web site. Desktop screens lay-out. Mobile screens lay-out.

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Morus 14

Publié: 20 novembre 2013

Annual communication campaign about Stummfilm Im Rollberg, a mute film weekly event by Morus 14. Front side of the monthly advertising postcard. Back side of the monthly advertising postcard. The various front sides edited for the event.

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GeA – Gelateria Artigianale

Publié: 20 mai 2012

Conception of the identity, online and print comunication for the ice-cream maker GeA. Creation of the logotype. Conception of the layout for the website. Conception of a pictograms alphabet for the whole communication mediums. Conception of the presentation booklet. 1th & 4th page. The two inner pages. Flyer for the openning.   Wallpaper for the […]

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