Maurizio Nobile

Conception of the lay-out, site map and front-end programming (hmtl, css, php, jquery) for Maurizio Nobile Gallery web site.

Desktop screens lay-out.

Mobile screens lay-out.


Projet Classique is a classical music project led by eleven pianists and one cellist within the cultural association ECCE. Paper 2.0’s mission was to create the logo, the global identity, the web site (layout and the html/css development) and the packaging for the CD.

Black and white and color version of the logotype :

Layout for Projet Classique’s web site :

Packshot of the CD for the first recording of Projet Classique – Beethoven :

GeA – Gelateria Artigianale

Conception of the identity, online
and print comunication for the ice-cream maker GeA.

Creation of the logotype.


Conception of the layout for the website.

Conception of a pictograms alphabet for the whole communication mediums.


Conception of the presentation booklet.

Advertising flyer for the openning.


Wallpaper for the shop.