Smack Media

Installation and customization of Smack Media’s website on WordPress.

Lionel Guerin – Press officer

Conception of the one-pager layout and integration to the WordPress.

Hotel Webbee

Installation and customization of Hotelwebbee’s website and of the five demonstrations’ sites displayed on it.

Ipanema Healthcare

Conception of the one-pager layout and integration to the WordPress.

Kennedy’s Pub

Installation and customisation of Kennedy’s Pub’s website on WordPress.

59 Rivoli – Website relooked

Simplification of the layout of the former website.

Ring Hotel Teutoburgerwald

Installation and customisation of Teutoburgerwald’s Hotel website on WordPress with booking function.

Camille Showroom

Conception of the identidy, layout and front-end integration on CMS (WordPress) for Camille Showroom web site

Analakely – The Little Forest

Analakely – The Little Forest is a multi-disciplinary art project that took place in Madagascar (from Jan.18th to Feb.12th 2017).Studio Paper 2.0 has handled project’s global communication including multi langages presentation folders, successfull crowd-funding campaign (4500euros), social networks communication, flyers… Crowdfunding web page (partial and full page). Presentation file for the first part of the … Continue reading Analakely – The Little Forest

Morus 14

Redesigning logo for Morus 14 association. Hereafter: compact version and long version in black and white and color.

François Regis – Pianiste & Compositeur

Conception of François Regis’ identity and layout for his website. Developping of the site. Layout for desktops. Layout for mobile screens.


Conception of the identity, logo and layout for the website of Raumdialog, private service provider and consultant in feng chui. Then integration of the graphics to WordPress. Black and white and color version of the logo. Layout for desktop screens. Layout for mobile screens.


Updating of Projet Classique website.

Trebosc + Van Lelyveld

Integration of an external lay-out on WordPress (CMS managment and CSS). Screenshots from the desktop version of the site. Screenshots from the mobile version of the site.

59 Rivoli

Updating of the ancient version of the logo, plus creation of a few new versions : Conception of the new identity, website layoutand integration to WordPress. Visual concept : Updating of the ancient version of the logo, plus creation of a few new versions : Website’s layout for desktop screens. Website’s layout for mobile screens. … Continue reading 59 Rivoli

Julie Dalouche – Curator

Creation of the logotype and invitation for Julie Dalouche’s exhibition Genrez-moi (Gender me), beyond Queer. Logotype :   Invitation :

Lunettes Center

Conception of the menu and layout for the e-shop of the optician Lunettes Center. The Project was initially planned to be intergrated on Prestashop.

Julie Dalouche – Curator

Flyer and poster for the curator Julie Dalouche. Il est une fois is a performative event :  

Maurizio Nobile

Conception of the lay-out, site map and front-end programming (hmtl, css, php, jquery) for Maurizio Nobile Gallery web site. Layout for desktop. Layout for mobile screens.


Projet Classique is a classical music project led by eleven pianists and one cellist within the cultural association ECCE. Paper 2.0’s mission was to create the logo, the global identity, the web site (layout and the html/css development) and the packaging for the CD. Black and white and color version of the logotype : Layout … Continue reading ECCE

Morus 14

Annual communication campaign about Stummfilm Im Rollberg, a mute film weekly event by Morus 14. Front and backside of the monthly advertising postcard.

GeA – Gelateria Artigianale

Conception of the identity, onlineand print comunication for the ice-cream maker GeA. Conception of the logotype. Conception of a pictograms alphabet for the whole communication mediums. Conception of the layout for the website. Conception of the presentation booklet. Conception of the flyer. Wallpaper for the shop.